What is a Doula? Your Frequently Asked Questions

A doula is a woman who assists and provides continuous support to a mother before, during, and after birth. Doula, comes from a Greek word that means “woman’s servant” or “handmaiden.” We mother the mother.

Whether you know a little or a lot, here are some common questions to help keep you in the know.

Birth Doulas are trained, non-medical attendants who support women and/or her family through the birthing experience.

My priorities are to help keep you safe, comfortable, and well-informed to encourage a positive birth experience.

I do not judge or pass conflicting comments. I support you in your decisions and remain supportive for however long you need me.

Midwives are medically trained in midwifery.

The experience and knowledge that midwives and other birthing professionals bring are absolutely priceless. However, many mothers are often at the mercy of regular transition between midwives and environments.

Doulas compliment health professionals and help maintain much-needed continuity for mummies.

Doulas cannot administer medication, treatments, or give medical advice to mummies. Our duties involve practical support, emotional reassurance, physical support, and mental encouragement.

Absolutely not. This is something I always communicate to mums at the very start.

The role of any doula – whether they are required during the run-up to birth, at birth, or during the early weeks of motherhood – is to:

  • Compliment and accompany trained medical staff
  • Assist the supportive role of partners / family members
  • Actively encourage the supportive role of partners / family members if they feel comfortable to do so

For me, building relationships with mummies (and partners and families if required) is so important to providing a supportive and empowering service.

And this goes for soon-to-be mummies and mummies who have recently given birth: they always prefer to work with a Doula who they know on a much more personal level.

So, I recommend getting in touch as early as possible, even if you are only considering.

Sometimes, life throws curve balls. Many expectant mothers do book last minute.

Research conducted by healthcare journals continuously support and point to the positive impact that doulas bring to their clients.

These include:

  • Reduced risk of Caesarean births
  • Reduced induction of labour rates
  • Shorter labour durations
  • Reduced risk of instrumental birth
  • Improvement in the experience of birth, whether at home or in theatre.
  • Reduced dependency on painkillers and/or epidural during birth
  • Increased likelihood of breastfeeding initiation
  • Lower incidence of depressive symptomatology

Source: Doula UK

Empowering you for the days ahead

As a Doula, I do not judge your choices or strive to influence your decision-making. Instead, I ensure you have the right tools and the most accurate information to help you make confident choices.

Take a look at my biography to learn more about how I can help you.

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What mums have to say about Beloved Bundles

There are not enough words to express the thanks and gratitude for all of your help. Tara was always there to assist both physically and emotionally during our time of need. Having Tara present helped us to restore confidence in our abilities as parents as our family grew with the birth of our second child.
Kerri & Anthony, Hertfordshire
Tara was present for both of my daughter’s births. – One in hospital and one home birth. She helped comfort me so I could believe in my own body’s strengths and abilities to birth my children. She was friendly, reliable and reassuring at all times. I couldn’t recommend her enough.
Leah, Barnet